COVID-19 Hygiene Tips: soap (9)

Published by publichealth
April 1, 2020

I’ve been asked what to do if you run out of soap?

Well don’t panic – as long as you have something that will act in a soapy way, you are fine! So hunt around for:

Old shampoos

Shower gels

Washing up liquid

All these will do the job. The washing up liquid is least likely to be kind to your hands, but the others are fine. In fact many are fairly interchangeable anyway – often hand wash doubles as shower gel.

The main thing is that you wet your hands, build up a lather and wash the palms, back of hands, between the fingers and around the thumbs for around 20 seconds and then dry your hands. this short video explains how. This process using any type of soapy product dislodges microbes including viruses and washes them down the sink.

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